How to Choose a Diffuser for Your Flashlight?
By Joshua Clifton | 25 March 2024 | 0 Comments

How to Choose a Diffuser for Your Flashlight?

I purchased all of Wurkkos’ diffusers, both to find the best fit for my flashlights (most of which are non-Wurkkos brands), and to provide people with the diffusers’ specifications, since there was no way to know the size from the information on the product pages. I intended to write this up as a review, but a Wurkkos representative asked me to write is as an article to add to their website.

Construction, Performance, and Fitting

All of Wurkkos' diffusers are a simple dome made of a stretchy, translucent, silicone material that does a good job of diffusing light. They do allow more light out the ends than the sides, so a more carefully designed diffuser would work better as a lantern, but for the price, these are quite adequate.

The diffusers have a matte finish on the outside and a glossy finish on the inside. The silicone is 1.27mm thick, and can reasonably easily be stretched onto a flashlight that is up to 3mm larger than the diffuser's inside diameter (except, possibly, for the diffusers smaller than 25mm). The largest two diffusers could probably stretch easily onto lights that are greater than 3mm larger.

A diffuser fits best when it is 0.5 – 2mm smaller than the head of the flashlight. This gives it a snug, secure fit and is still easy to mount. (Working a diffuser onto a flashlight that is 3mm larger takes a few seconds of careful effort.)

Specifications for each Diffuser(as of 3/2024)

I measured the diameters as accurately as I could, usually by measuring multiple times in different directions to confirm my measurement. For the largest two, which were too floppy to form a perfect circle, I inserted a card stock spring into them to hold them in round shape.

Diffuser for TS21/FC13 (white and orange version available)
Product page:
  • Inside Diameter:25mm (confirmed by a Wurkkos rep)
  • Insertable Length: ~32mm
  • TS21 head Diameter: 28mm (from specs)
  • FC13 head Diameter: 29mm (from specs)
  • The orange version is not good for lighting, as it is not very translucent, but it would make a good signal wand.
If the TS21 and FC13 diameters are correct, this diffuser would barely fit the TS21 (it will take some minor effort to massage/stretch it onto the light), and would not fit the FC13. The diffuser for the TS25/TS22 (WG-DIF28-WH-1) would fit both lights better, but will be only barely snug on the TS21.

The diffusers below are from the following product page, which has a selection of 6 diffusers: Flashlight White Diffuser For TS10/FC11/FC12/TS32/WK40/TS25/TS11/TS12
These are in the order they are listed on the product page. The 2-digit "DIF" number in the SKU model codes is the inside diameter of the diffuser in millimeters (rounded up). The one exception is the TS11 diffuser, which is off by 1.5mm.

Diffuser for TS10 (WG-DIF20-white)
  • Inside Diameter: 20mm
  • Insertable Length: ~39mm
  • TS10 Head Diameter: 21mm (from specs)

Diffuser for FC11/FC12 (WG-DIF24S-white)
  • Inside Diameter: 23.5mm
  • Insertable Length: ~31mm
  • FC11 Head Diameter: 24mm (as measured)
  • FC12 Head Diameter: 24mm (from specs)
  • I can confirm this fits the FC11 well. Decently snug. Creates a good suction seal against the flashlight bezel and takes a bit of pull to get it off.
  • Fits the WK03 perfectly! Easy to mount, and good, secure snugness. (Head diameter: 24.7mm as measured and according to specs.)
  • Note that the product photos showing FC11 flashlights wearing this diffuser are actually showing a smaller diffuser, perhaps the one intended for the TS10. The actual FC11 diffuser does not stretch much at all when mounted onto the FC11, whereas the photo shows a good deal of stretch. The same goes for the photos of the FC12s, which have the same diameter.

Diffuser for TS32 (WG-DIF62-W-1)
  • Inside Diameter: 62mm
  • Insertable Length: ~30mm
  • TS32 Head Diameter: 62.4mm (from specs)

Diffuser for TS11 (WG-DIF39-W)
  • Inside Diameter: 37.5mm
  • Insertable Length: ~28mm
  • TS11 Head Diameter: 40mm (from specs)

Diffuser for WK40/TS12 (WG-DIF32-WH-1)
  • Inside Diameter: 31.5mm
  • Insertable Length: ~29mm
  • WK40 Head Diameter: 33mm (from specs)  [discontinued]
  • TS12 Head Diameter: 33mm (from specs)

Diffuser for TS25/TS22 (WG-DIF28-WH-1)
  • Inside Diameter: 27.5mm 
  • Insertable Length: ~35mm
  • TS25 Head Diameter: 32mm (from specs; if correct, diffuser will be very difficult to mount; the diffuser above, for the WK40/TS12, will fit much more easily)
  • TS22 Head Diameter: 28mm (from specs)

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