【New Color】Wurkkos WK04 Double-Sided Flashlight, Rechargeable with Build-in Battary, Multifunction with Red Light Warning, Mini Size One-Hand Control

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WK04 Double-Sided flashlight features a USB-C charging port for convenient charging. Please connect it with the included USB-A to USB-C cable and use a USB power adapter (not included). While charging, the LED indicator flashes red. The LED indicator remains green when fully charged.

Operation Instructions
Basic operation:
Long press to Turn ON/OFF
When off double-click to lock out.
When on, double-click to switch groups: Spotlight→Floodlight→Red Light→Circulation
When off, single click to display the power indicator, long press to power on, or double click to lock.
When locked out, press to turn on low mode, double click to unlock, and return to the memory position.
When off, press and hold the power button to enter the spotlight white light memory position.
When on, single click to switch low(20Lm)→medium(90Lm) →high(260Lm) → cycle.
When off, press the power button to enter the floodlight white light memory position.
When on,click to switch low (15Lm) → medium (70Lm)→ high (200Lm) → cycle
Red light:
When off, long press the power button to enter the red light memory gear.
When on,single click to switch red light (3Lm)-red flashing (3Lm) → cycle.
Mode Low Medium High Red beam Red flash
Luminous(spotlight) 20Lm 90Lm 260Lm / /
Luminous(floodlight) 15Lm 70Lm 230lm 3lm  
Runtime 3.8h 121min 45min / /
Distance(spotlight) 21m 47 m 75m / /
Distance(floodlight) 3m 4m 7m 1m /
Intensity(spotlight) 111cd 558cd 1412cd / /
Intensity(floodlight) 2cd 5cd 13.8 2cd /

1 meter / 3.28 feet
Waterproof IP65
Note The above-mentioned parameters are based on tests according to international flashlight testing standards (ANSI/NEMA FL1) using the 300mAh polymer battery in our laboratory. Results may vary with different batteries or under different environmental conditions.

  1. 90CRI white LED 4750K-5000K; Red LED
  2. Working Voltage: 2.7V - 4.2V
  3. Battery: the built-in polymer battery
  4. Dimension: 70mm (length) * 22.5mm (head diameter)
  5. Weight: 32g (without battery)
  6. Flashlight body: 6061 aluminum alloy
  7. USB Type-C Charging
  8. Spotlight angle: 10°, flood light angle: 85°
  9. If the battery voltage is too low, it turns off automatically.
  10. while on, if the battery doesn't have enough powerthe LED indicator will flash red
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