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Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information

A Do Not Share request will cause us to take actions designed to stop cross-context behavioral advertising to you. Please look for the “Do Not Sell Or Share My Personal Information” options box on this page, select your state of residence, click the blue “Do Not Sell Or Share My Personal Information” button, and provide the information requested. We also will honor a Do Not Sell request from this website when you do so (more information on Do Not Sell follows). 

We do not require that visitors log in to their wurkkos.com account to place a request, but please note that we can best honor your request if you are logged into your account. If you do not log in when submitting your request, we may not be able to honor your request in the future or on different browsers or devices. If you choose not to log in, or don't have a wurkkos.com account, to best ensure we can honor your request we recommend submitting it again if you visit our site with a different browser or device or if you clear cookies on this browser.

"Do Not Sell"
Wurkkos does not sell (as “sell” is traditionally defined) your personal information. That is, we don't provide your name, phone number, address, email address or other personally identifiable information to third parties in exchange for money. But under California law, certain sharing of information for advertising purposes may be considered a “sale” of “personal information.” If you've visited our digital properties within the past 12 months and you've seen ads, under California law personal information about you may have been “sold” to our advertising partners for their own use.

Opt-out cookie:
An opt-out cookie will be placed and stored on your browser, for Do Not Sell purposes, preventing personal information from being made available from this website to advertising partners for their own use, independent of Wurkkos.
Only this browser on this device: The opt-out cookie only applies to the browser you were using and only to the device you were using at the time you made the selection. If you access the Wurkkos websites from other browsers or devices, you will also need to make this selection on each browser and device.

A few things to keep in mind regarding Do Not Sell.
Ads and interest-based advertising: You will still see ads. You are not opted out of interest-based advertising. To opt out of interest-based advertising, visit www.aboutads.info/choices.
If you delete or clear cookies, you'll need to click the button again the next time you visit to re-select Do Not Sell. If you delete or clear your cookies, that will delete our opt-out cookie and you will need to opt out again.

We don't ask for your personally identifiable information because we don't need it to honor your Do Not Sell request. A general rule of privacy is to not collect personally identifiable information when you don't need to—so we've set up this method instead.
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